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Innovation Program  (O I P)


"Innovation and creativity - Orcawise is a place where everyone has a voice"


"Our Orca's are diving deep to power marketers with AI"


"Orcawise envisions a world where AI improves life for all"

Orcawise OIP is a 100-day work experience program focused on AI

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Flexible working environment

Seeking adaptable work hours? Dive into a vibrant team setting, empowered by a cutting-edge collaboration platform designed for optimal productivity and career growth.

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Guidance from industry leaders

Want expert mentorship throughout your professional journey? At Orcawise, innovation is celebrated, and every team member is heard and valued. Join us to amplify your voice and potential.

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Celebrate Global Diversity

At Orcawise, we pride ourselves on our global reach. Our teams frequently boast experts hailing from five continents, showcasing our commitment to diversity and global perspectives. Join a truly international team.

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Empower Your AI Career

With Orcawise, you're stepping into a research-driven AI for Marketing powerhouse. In collaboration with our international partners, we offer both graduates and seasoned professionals a unique opportunity to delve deep into the cutting-edge frontier of AI. Propel your career with us.

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Become a leader

Whether you want to become a leader or follow a leader, we have a place for you.

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Be recognized

Orcawise Innovation Program program alumni are always welcome to apply for open positions at Orcawise. Additional the majority of our graduates have been successful in obtaining exciting roles within our vast ecosystem of top employers.

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Open Roles

Highly Technical Data Science Roles: For those armed with advanced degrees like Master's or Doctorates, these roles challenge the intellect and push boundaries.

Hybrid Data Science Roles: Perfect for those looking to mesh technical acumen with business insights. It's a space where you can learn from industry experts while making a significant contribution.

Dedicated Marketing Positions: For the seasoned marketers aiming to meld their skills with the power of AI in marketing. This is your chance to future-proof your career in the realm of Marketing AI.

Steps to become an Orca


Application Submission

Begin by sending us your application


Quick Online Assessment

Spend just 10 minutes on our online test to gauge your fit.


Zoom interview

Connect with us for a brief 15-minute conversation


Easy Onboarding

A swift 5-minute process via Google Classroom gets you started


Team Introduction

Get aquainted with your guiding mentors and dynamic teammates. Dive in 🌊


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Orcawise Innovation Program?

The Orcawise Innovation Program is a transformative 100-day immersion designed for both graduates and seasoned professionals eager to pivot into the AI industry. Offering hands-on experience, mentorship, and a robust curriculum, participants are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and networks to jumpstart a successful Responsible AI for Marketing-centric career. Whether you're a recent graduate or a professional seeking a change, this program bridges the gap between ambition and industry expertise.

What is the cost of the Orcawise Innovation Program?

The Orcawise Innovation Program is completely free of charge. We're looking for motivated individuals who are self-starters, eager to learn, and ready to make a significant impact. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

What is the time commitment on the program?

The Orcawise Innovation Program requires a commitment of 20 hours weekly, which breaks down to 4 hours daily, Monday through Friday, for a duration of 100 days.

What will i get when I complete the program?

Upon completing the program, graduates receive the Certification of Completion. Throughout the program, you'll benefit from: A flexible remote work setting with a cutting-edge collaboration platform. Mentorship from industry-leading experts in a diverse team setting. The experience of applying AI research to real-world commercial scenarios. Opportunities for innovation and meaningful contributions in an inclusive environment where every voice is valued.

What is my employment status on the Orcawise Innovation Program?

The OIP is designed as a volunteer work experience program, aimed at offering participants an opportunity to engage in on-the-job learning while being guided by experienced mentors in the field of Responsible AI. As such, participants do not hold a traditional employment status but rather engage in the program as volunteers.

This setup is intended to provide significant learning and networking opportunities without the constraints of a formal employment contract. Participants in the Orcawise Innovation Program are encouraged to view their 100-day journey as a comprehensive learning experience, which could be likened to an apprenticeship, research position, or internship, depending on their personal learning objectives and career aspirations. While the program does not offer a salary or traditional employment benefits (e.g., health insurance), it is structured to deliver substantial professional development through practical experience, mentorship, and potential for portfolio projects in the Responsible AI domain.

We are committed to ensuring that participants receive valuable experience, recognition for their contributions, and support in their transition into the AI field, including certificates of completion and references.

Our immersive program is tailored to cater to both recent graduates and experienced professionals seeking to pivot to the Responsible AI sector.

Will I get a full-time job after I graduate the program?

While we don't guarantee a full-time position post-graduation, the majority of our graduates have been successful in obtaining roles within our vast ecosystem of top employers. Additionally, program alumni are always welcome to apply for open positions at Orcawise.

What countries do you recruit from?

We welcome applications from all around the world. Our participants hail from a diverse array of countries such as the US, EU, India, Turkey, UK, China, South America, and naturally, Ireland, where our headquarters is based.

Who are the program leaders and mentors?

The Orcawise Innovation Program is led and mentored by a distinguished team of industry experts and leaders: Kevin Neary, CEO at Orcawise; Sanpreet Singh, Head of Data Science at Orcawise; Carmel McLoughlin, CFO at Orcawise; Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from various other leaders within the Orcawise organization as well as regular guest speakers.

What they say

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin when I participated in Orcawise's Innovation Program. He was excellent to work with and went above and beyond to teach me and include me in various aspects of the company's work. He truly cares about the people with whom he works, and I would highly recommend him and Orcawise to anyone.

Stephanie Myott Beebe
Attorney | Data Scientist

The mentors created a positive and mutually supportive atmosphere at Orcawise and the culture there was very useful in developing as a Data Analyst/Scientist.

Alan Quille
Data Scientist

I have really enjoyed working with Kevin as a Data Scientist. Best mentor with outstanding domain knowledge. I have learned a lot from him like "How to be good at achieving the OKR in an organization"we have worked together on the knowledge graph and building stories in Tableau.

Senior Data Analyst, Carne Group

I can sum up Sanpreet in one word: Sincere. His dedication comes across the moment you meet him and you know that he will carry out any job/role to the best of his abilities. He is a reliable person to have around you. Also, he is someone who learns his job very well and then goes on to excel at it.All the best for a great future ahead.

Pritha Chakrobarty
Developer, Orcale Corporation

I started as a Data Science intern in Orcawise. Coming as an international student it has been very important step in my career and thanks to Kevin it was possible. Kevin has been an amazing mentor to all the interns to build their professional career. Even after completing my internship he is always there for any professional help or advice.

Dorothy Maiti
Data Scientist, Accenture

I have worked with Kevin in Orcawise to develop an AI-based chatbot, which we called Orcabot, and whenever I reached out to him for any business logic related queries he was always there to help. I also felt he is someone who listens to small things very carefully and always stays ready to accept the new ideas. All I can say is thank you, Kevin to help me to get into the industry as a Data Scientist !!

Bedanta Saha
Modelling Developer, Fidelis Insurance

Sanpreet has been supporting me in the accomplishment of my data annotation task through a very effective way. He is kind, skilled and always willing to provide any type of feedback related to the task assigned to me.

100% professional!!!! Highly recommended!!!

Dr. Giuliano Orru
Agile Coach

Kevin was my first mentor in Dublin, Ireland at Orcawise. During my tenure with him, I found him to extremely data-driven and analytical. He was dedicated towards growing Orcawise in marketing, automation and AI and was passionate about sharing his knowledge with the team.

Rhea Pandey
Agency Manager, Pinterest

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin at a NovaUCD venture specialized in the application of data science to drive marketing performance. Kevin is a passionate, committed leader who was able to build a functional team and thriving culture. His leadership approach focused on encouraging innovation and empowering his team to take calculated risks. He built a truly diverse team and created a safe work environment that welcomed everyone's unique perspective into the table, leading to great innovations, powerful business results and such an enjoyable work experience.

Radwa Khorshid
ERG Leadership Council, HubSpot

It was a pleasure to work with Sanpreet during my time at Orcawise. He always had time to show me how different elements of the ML pipeline worked and gave me the opportunity to learn more. He was always patient and supportive when I reached out for help with doubts. Working with Sanpreet and Ocrawise was an invaluable experience in my development and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity. I would highly recommend him as someone to work for and learn from.

Gareth Moen
Data Analyst, Yahoo

In Sanpreet’s leadership I gained a lot of knowledge in the Data Science domain. He was a great mentor to me, was always willing to clear technical doubts and took time out to make me understand the topics in depth. Always encouraged me to learn more and assigned tasks that really helped me during my Internship at Orcawise. I truly admire his enthusiasm towards his work. It was an absolute pleasure to work under his guidance and mentorship.

Kajol Kaiya
Service Manager, SAP
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act

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