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OrcaPower AIIA

Powerful LLM to Ensure Responsible Ai in Marketing

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Once you've submitted the form, you'll receive a calendar link to select a convenient time for our initial meeting. During this first conversation, we'll explore whether and how we can assist you. Following that, we will outline a proposed plan of action for your review. Upon agreement, we'll proceed with the execution phase.
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"The Orcawise tools and services are top class. It's a one-stop shop for us to get started with AI, understand what's possible and they put a team in place for me. The delivery team are the best when it comes to the intersection of business and AI!"
Sanyam, Senior Data Scientist
"Great to experience Orcawise as a client. They expertly used a responsible AI model to ensure the ethical identification of buying signals in public sources."
Ben, Director of Operations
"I worked with the delivery team at Orcawise where we combined data science concepts with legal frameworks to create responsible AI applications. I found them a professional outfit  interested in helping people succeed."
Steph, Data Scientist
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act
AI for Legal & Compliance
Responsible AI Advisory & Services
LLM for EU AI Act

Responsible AI
in Marketing

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Time Tracking

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Smart Notifications

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Manage and Track Your Projects

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  • Create posts, reels and stories.
  • Publish your Facebook posts dynamically.
  • Schedule any Twitter posts.
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Easy time tracking to optimize your productivity

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